JSCO - Business as Missions

Creating Opportunities, Building People

An award-winning boutique web design social enterprise in Thailand

Our Vision

An ecosystem of tech businesses, professionals, and ministries serving together to reach and empower youths in Thailand.

We want to see a holistic environment built to disciple today’s youths in a relevant way, within the overlapping space of workplace and ministry.


Covid-19 changed the landscape of missions in Thailand.


We kick-started our first Graphic Design and Web Dev Course.


JSCO was registered and we started our first office right beside Chiang Mai university


A team of 6 staff and 2 interns, with the same heart for discipleship and training.

What does "JSCO" stand for?

JS stands for ‘Jong Sang’, which means ‘To Build’ in Thai. CO stands for ‘Creating Opportunities’.

Our Vision

Future Change-makers

Raise disciple-making digital skills workers who will multiply their skills and faith.

Today’s youths in Thailand are interested in developing their digital skillsets and dreaming of carving a career out of it. Yet not everyone has access to this world. We believe that this can be a powerful platform to love and raise up Christian ministers in the workplace.


71.6 Million




1000 Thai Youths


15 Years

What is the problem?

Reality Check

Revenue of Thai digital services industry grew 37% to 346 million baht in 2020, but from 2010 to 2020, the number of digital workers only grew by 26%. The digital services industry will be the fastest growing industry over the next 3 years, reaching 690 billion baht by 2024.

Thai digital firms resort to hiring from neighbouring countries like Pakistan and Vietnam to fill up the lack in local skilled workers. This results in a great loss of opportunity for Thai youths.

What Do We Do?

Our Modus Operandi

We seek to increase computer literacy and digital skill sets of Thai youths, widening their scope of opportunities and increasing employability.

Through this process of equipping and training, we build deep mentoring relationships and send them out to train others.

We work with clients who need web design and graphic design services, creating opportunities for our students and interns to participate in real-life projects which can be part of their portfolio.

Creating Opportunities, Building People

Expressing the Father’s heart for our youths today, believing and investing in them, setting them up for leadership and success.

Our Journey

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Join us in our mission and serve in the nations with us. We are looking for like-minded professionals or aspiring missionaries.

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